How we can help you cut your Fleet costs.

Here at H&S Driver Developments our trainers are dedicated to helping you reduce the costs associated with running a Fleet of company vehicles. Our training can be tailored to suit your needs – below are some examples of the kind of service we can offer to your company fleet drivers, whether they are in house drivers or part of your grey fleet, we can ensure that your driver’s act responsibly on behalf of your company.

Risk awareness training

Any company that employs five or more drivers MUST risk assess them by law (this includes any ‘grey’ fleet drivers). We can assess the risk level of all your drivers and provide you with a risk report and training for each of your individual drivers, In addition we will provide tailored training to assist your driver to reduce their individual risk whilst driving for work; this may also lead to reduced stress amongst your drivers saving you on labour costs too.


Post collision training

Another large expense for fleet managers is collisions. 95% of all Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) are due to human error. If your vehicles are involved in a collision this incurs costs both on repairs and downtime for that vehicle. Through tailored training for your drivers we can help to address any potentially risky habits and help to prevent future incidents with individual¬†drivers. Reduced crash rates will improve your company’s image too.


Fuel efficiency training

One of the biggest cost to a company’s fleet is it’s fuel bill. Through our training we can ensure that, through advanced awareness and anticipation skills, your drivers will be able to maximise their fuel consumption. Through¬†these fuel awareness techniques a driver could expect to save between 10%-30% on their fuel consumption; which in turn will save you pounds.